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Dr. jLTg Holo is a holistic yogic mystic and a doctor of Chinese medicine; he is also a member of the International Day of Yoga Committee at the United Nations.  Dr. jLTg (pronounced Jay-Light-Gee) was adopted from South Korea when his adoptive American mother had a vision of his face on the cross during a religious service, which is documented in his first spiritual video with his mother. At the age of 14, Dr. jLTg had his first spontaneous mystical experience of the void and by 19 years old, he was graced with the vision of the Divine as a column of a thousand suns.

After graduating from college, Dr. jLTg lived as a resident student at the Dai Bosatsu Zen Monastery for a total of 3 years. He also traveled for 3 years, meeting and studying with various spiritual teachers such as Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama of Japan, who was considered one of the top 10 psychic researchers in the world by UNESCO.  In addition to his doctorate degree in Chinese medicine, Dr. jLTg was certified in yoga at the Vivekananda Ashram in India, advanced energy healing in the Philippines and acupressure in Thailand.

Over many years of dedication, Dr. jLTg naturally and incrementally climbed the spiritual mountain of wisdom, step by step, to experience the full depth and breadth of humanity's spiritual journey.   After 40 years of steady, daily, organically cultivated spiritual study and practice, based on the great wisdom traditions of the world,  Dr. jLTg permanently pierced the veil of illusion and lives from Holo or wholeness, the quintessential home of humanity and spirituality.

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The Way of Unconditional Love

"Jesus Christ was my first mystical teacher.  His fiery love and sacrifice for mankind is unique in the history of the world!"  Dr. jLTg



The Art of Bliss

"It is a common misconception to equate Tantra with sex.  Although the act of physical union is celebrated in Tantra instead of castrated, Tantra is much more than sex since the bliss of sex is limited, however long the pleasurable union is extended, while the bliss of true Tantra is unlimited union of the self with Self."  Dr. jLTg

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Spirit of Yoga

"The physical and mental benefits are truly wonderful, but the essence, the spirit of yoga is liberation from the body and mind."  Dr. jLTg

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m

Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Diet, and Lifestyle

"As a doctor of Chinese medicine, I have access to truly marvelous tools and knowledge to assist individuals in balancing their bodies, minds, energies, and spirits."  Dr. jLTg

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Zen Buddhism

Meditation Rocks!  LoL.

"Zen meditation has no beginning and no end.  You have no beginning and no end.  Be one with your meditation and experience the essence of Zen."   Dr. jLTg

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"We need to learn from all the wisdom traditions of the past, and evolve that wisdom to address the challenges of modern dilemmas."

Dr. jLTg Holo

View of Meditation Garden

Services Provided Include:

Online holistic health evaluations, spiritual consultations, satsangs, speaking engagements, corporate/ non-profit weekend seminars, wellness weekend workshops, meditation guidance, yoga training, acupuncture sessions, Chinese herbology consultations, tantric programs, kundalini education, international travel and training in yoga, meditation, health and spirituality.  For more information contact Dr. jLTg:

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