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Workshop: The Ecstasy of Tantric Drawing with Diane Green and Dr. jLTg (Sunday, 02/03/19, 12-3 PM)

Journey beyond your egoic mind limitations. Touch your boundless freedom and limitless creativity with timeless tantra, infusing the expression of your spirit through the art of drawing.  This workshop is for everyone,  including all types of visual artists, who want to expand their sense of self and embrace their WHOLE SELF  through the true journey of Tantra, using drawing as the primary vehicle. We will integrate breath, meditation, sound, movement, touch, and communion with your fellow voyagers into this drawing process in order to uncover the deepest realms of your heart and the heart of drawing.

Through an initial movement meditation and yogic tantric energy exploration, we will find our way into connection with our vital breath, with each other and with Self. The workshop will gradually open our heart to the spirit of our drawing materials as they transform and reflect our BEING.

In this introductory three hour workshop, we will remain fully clothed. The sensual touch will be innocent, gentle, and non-sexual.  It is a common misconception to equate Tantra solely with sex because true Tantra is much more than sex. The bliss of sex is limited to however long the pleasurable union is extended while the bliss of true Tantra is an unlimited blissful union of the self with Self.  Let us “weave” the Ecstasy of Tantra and Drawing into every aspect of our lives to nourish our most satisfying lives.

About the workshop co-facilitator Diane Green:

Diane Green is a painter, teacher and founder of The Green Studio School in NYC. She received her MFA degree from Yale University and taught painting and drawing at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Over time, she realized that there was a need to teach in a way that celebrated each individual’s approach to life, using art processes and healing modalities to open one’s intuition and reveal personal strengths that empower and delight. The Green Studio School is based upon these principles.

Diane has had the good fortune of working with Taoist Master Nan Lu, Dr. Steven Weiss of the Medicine Lodge Clinic, Donna Eden of Energy Medicine, shamanic healer James Philip, and numerous other energy workers. She utilizes her deep knowledge of the two worlds of Art and Energy in her unique offering of courses and workshops that are truly unlike any others.

Diane Green can be reached at or visit her website, for more info

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